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Finally, an update...

 Several months later, I guess we should update this journal thingy.

Those of us that can maintain this journal have been a wee bit busy with our lives, so sorry for not updating the journal with things that are coming up.  I  plan on changing that and will post on here regularly.

In two weeks on April 29th, 2011 after 7pm, we will be having a different than usual meet, we plan on doing the food thing with grilling some food.  If you want to come join us for a night of grilling foods and stuff, either get in contact with Madius or myself for the address.

Also, if you don't know yet, Condition: Red is four months away on July 22nd, go register if you haven't :)

October 2010

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to put a couple announcements out on here that we will also be making at the next Furmeet on Friday.

First, we have the "Non-thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner" aka potluck. For those of you that do not know what this is, it is a small get together for those that either cannot go home on Thanksgiving or don't want to go home on Thanksgiving. Now, It will take place on Thanksgiving (October 11th) this year and as per the two previous years, we will be cooking the Turkey and perhaps a side-dish or two. However you must RSVP and indicate what dish you will bring with you. We have enough turkey for roughly 12 people, perhaps a little more.

Second is Hallowe'en. Potoroo is putting on his usual, awesome event but we have a regularly scheduled furmeet on the Friday, so we figure we'd have a little party, nothing big but let's have a little bit of fun that night :)

Any questions or comments can be made here or to one of us while at the furmeet.

btw, if you still read this community, please reply otherwise we will be deleting this community.

Friday January 22nd

Time to get your bowl on! Will be having a few games of bowling at THE PALASAD, London (Located at the intersection of Oxford Road and Adelaide St N)

The event will be starting at 8pm, so meet at the usual place before hand so we can get a grasp on people coming. Please reply if you plan on attending. This event is fursuit friendly :)

Please bring $15 or so for cost of games and shoe rentals


If you have any questions, please msg me :)

Condition: Sub Zero - The Charity Ski Meet

Charity Ski Meet

Event : Condition: Sub Zero / Boler Blitz
Date : Jan, 31st , 2010
Time : Leaving the apartments around 9 to be at the Hill and ready for 10am
and will depart around 3 pm(or whenever we are too tired to ski)
Where : Boler Mountain in London
Also where: We usually hit Swiss Chalet afterward for Dinner/Late Lunch
Cost: 26-51 Dollars (approx)

The London community has been invited for our second annual Boler Blitz Charity Event. We are going to be entertaining the ski students at Track Three.

Track Three is a ski school that helps youth and children with disabilities to learn downhill skiing. They have kindly invited us and are going to provide a limited number of lift tickets to us. For more information about track 3

This event is not an open invite in that we will need you to RSVP to get the tickets from Track 3. Please R.S.V.P to, you can expect a response within 24 hours, usually within an hour. Space/Tickets are very limited.

In addition, anyone who wishes to attend will be asked to sign a contract waving Forest City Media and Entertainment of any responsibility of injury, damage to person, damage to suits etc. This is apart from the waver the ski hill will require.

P.S. No one is getting paid and is expected to be on their best behavior in front of the children and other people skiing. The general atmosphere should be kept G rated. Anyone causing trouble will be asked to leave the event.

New Years in London

Where - 756 Kipps lane #207(same buzzer)

When - 7pm on New Years Eve(if ya need to come early. Let me know...but ill probably put you to work cleaning)

Why - Why not.

Contact # - 519-868-5594 Text is better but call if you need to.

Things to remember
Everyone is welcome should they follow these simple rules
We will have the bar set up.
Bring ID, I don't care if you look 90, your 18 without a piece of ID.
If you want to bring drinks thats awesome. So long as you don't bring me a 6 pack of Bud Light and try and pass it off as beer.
Those that "donate" drinks to the party are welcome to reasonable amount from the bar. (mixers are also good)
If you want to bring your own and have it for yourself, also fine but either donate a few dollars or leave the bar alone.

You spill, you clean
You vomit, you really clean and we make fun of you all night
Your break it, your paying for it

Those Under aged that wish to attend....these rules are silly but so are drinking laws.
Your hands will get an X on the back of them to mark no booze should be in them.
Ill make a tasty non-alcoholic punch.
Bring a note from a guardian that states -
One. They are aware that you care going to this party
Two. they understand the nature of the party (ie drinking will happen) and they give
you permission to attend.

Out of Town Peoples - Limited Crash space is available but only to those that ask.
- Should you become too drunk, you may end up with a hotel room on your credit card.
After you wake up there.
-Have a way home before to leave it.
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Next Meet - January 8th, 2010

Hey everyone,

With the holidays upon us, it's time to take a little bit of a longer break than usual.

We will be returning to our regularly scheduled bi-weekly furmeet schedule on January 8th, 2010.

Keep safe this holiday season.

EDIT: Oh! And Raj, contact us please!

Secret Santa - Secret Satan!

Going to be the holidays soon, and so its time for our annual secret santa/satan meet. This will be held on Friday December 11th 2009, usual start time. We already have done the draw and those who entered have already been assigned their santa/satan results. Time to have some fun :) If you need to know your drawings, contact me and i can give them to you - Also, if anyone who did not let us know about wanting to enter, still wants to enter, let me know and we can work something out :) $20 Max on gifts also :)

Also, as its a special meet, we will be holding a little bit of a cook off for the meet, the theme being hors d'oeuvres. So bring some nummies for us all to share :)

Any questions, let me, Madius or Cola know


Unf Unf


Change of plans in regards to today, seeing as we probably would be pretty short on time in regards to the movie, meet at our place usual time, and we can go to the cinema for the later showing, which is around 10pm, Again, DONT MEET AT MASONVILLE

If anyone reads this and can pass it on to people who wont see this message, it would be much appreciated

Friday October 16th

Movie Night People!

Going to be holding the meet at Silver City by Masonville this week, my sujestion is for ZombieLand, which is playing at 7.40 on Friday, so meet at outside the Silver City at Masonville for 7-7.15, grab some food in the food court before the film then go watch shit get blown up! After the film, possibly retreat at our place and see what happens

***We won't be meeting at our place, go directly to Masonville***

Any questions, just text, IM or msg me

See Above

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October 2nd Meet

Hi Everyone,

There's been a couple of things going around for the October 2nd, 2009 furmeet. So here's the latest:

The meet is just after Cajun's Birthday and Cajun decided that he would like to go to Timbers for dinner that evening. We understand that not everyone can go to Timber's, so anyone not interested in going to Timbers, there are a lot of other restaurants right by Timbers. We, however, plan on being at least an hour at Timbers.

Also Sammy would like us to all go see a movie, so we have the option of the Empire theatre just down the road from Timber's or if people are really keen on it, we can head up to Silver City.

It's going to be a "build your own experience" kind of night, but to get started, let's all get here by 7:00pm as we will be heading out by 7:30pm and at Timber's by 8:00pm.